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Money bags found at the son’s apartment of the deposed Gabonese president



Following the coup in Gabon, revolutionaries allegedly found bags and suitcases stuffed with different denominations of currency in the Chief of Staff’s home, the son of the deposed President Ali Bongo.The eldest son of the ousted President Bongo, Nourredine Bongo, was found to have them in the home of Yann Ngulu, the Chief of Staff.​‌

The X app (previously Twitter) #Sprinter99800 video, which was uploaded on Wednesday, shows the bags being loaded with bundles of CFA francs, dollars, and euros.Following President Ali Bongo’s reelection on Wednesday, a group of senior military commanders in Gabon declared on television that they had assumed control of the nation after 14 years in charge.Omar Bongo, his father, ruled for 42 years.

Following the coup, the Bongo family—which had ruled for 56 years in total—caused a stir on the internet.

On Wednesday, Nourredine, the coordinator of presidential affairs, who has control over the security, defence, and administration sectors, was also taken into custody on charges of treason, embezzlement, and corruption.

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