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‘BBNaija All Stars’ Alex hits Ike during the Thursday pool party.



A night of heavy drama and headbutts.

During Big Brother Naija All Stars’ Thursday night pool party, Alex punched Ike multiple times, thinking he was trying to drown her in the pool.

It was absolutely alarming to witness how quickly a nice encounter in the BBNaija All Stars house could turn into something chaotic.

Alex and Head of House Doyin attempted to tackle Ike off in a lighthearted engagement, but housemates and spectators were taken aback when Alex repeatedly assaulted Ike. He was attempting to drown her in the pool, she claimed, and her answer was to defend his conduct.

Alex’s actions infuriated the other roommates, who accused her of taking advantage of the situation to strike him. But this immediately devolved into a spat between Alex and Adekunle about Venita’s involvement in the incident.

Housemates were able to immediately resolve the matter, although Ike was observed crying in his bed.

This drama was not the only highlight of Thursday’s BBNaija All Stars pool party. Here are some additional highlights that may be of interest to you.

Ilebaye criticises Whitemoney for his incomplete treatment.
Housemates returned to their wager job preparation for this week, which featured music production, after the pool party.

Ilebaye erupted, accusing Whitemoney of preventing her from using the music set provided by Big Brother for the wager. According to her, he did it because it was her and would not have done it if it had been another BBNaija All Star housemate.

The dispute became heated, with Ilebaye crying and yelling, prompting Whitemoney to assert that she was merely attempting to draw attention to herself. In his defence, Ilebaye’s assertions were incorrect, given that he had assisted her with the music set during the day.

Whitemoney was in a difficult predicament because he had spent the most of the pool party focusing on the wager duty.

Neo and Ilebaye are the life of the party.
Neo and Ilebaye appear to be taking advantage of Tolanibaj’s eviction to move in closer together. The two were seen rocking themselves and laughing loudly during last night’s pool party.

Doyin and Cross talk about Ilebaye’s tactics.
The disagreement between Ilebaye and Whitemoney raised worries among other housemates who were also upset by the incident.

Doyin told Cross about Ilebaye’s strategy in the house, describing it as a victim strategy to make the viewers believe she was being bullied. “Ilebaye has been playing a game,” she says. If you watch her recordings from our season, you’ll notice that she’s not the same girl… I felt so dumb when I realised her game…But it’s too late; the audience would have given her the money.”

Cross concurred, attributing her positive attitude towards the game to her studies in psychology and human security at university.

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