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Nigerians respond after Burna Boy claims that J-Cole, an American rapper, compared him to Tupac



When American rapper J. Cole referred to singer Damini Ogulu, also known as Burna Boy, as the iconic Tupac Shakur during their conversation, Burna Boy was taken aback.Speaking on Elliott Wilson’s Rap Radar Podcast, the Grammy winner revealed that the American rapper made the statement when they came together to collaborate on a tune for his most recent album, “I Told Them.

“American hip-hop artist Tupac, real name Shakur, was a prominent figure who passed away in 1996 in Las Vegas.Burna claims that the rapper declared that he was “Tupac reincarnated in Africa,” adding that he had to glance around to make sure he was talking about the right person, who turned out to be him.

“I’m not really sure how everything happened,” he remarked, “but somehow, I ended up in the studio with J. Cole and a bunch of really tall basketball players.”Before any music, we’re all just talking about real things, like life and everything in general, you know.Then, right before we are going, he says, ‘Bro, this guy is Tupac.’

” I turned to see who he was referring to after that. He is referring to me. Indeed, this young man resembles Tupac reincarnated in Africa and all that.It’s like, whoa! That is a bit in-depth. Now let’s start creating some music.

Nigerian users of X (previously Twitter) have responded differently to this disclosure made by the self-described “African Giant.”Some people, who are still upset with the singer for calling Afrobeats “lacking substance” in a previous interview with Apple Music, disregarded his latest exposé.According to a user named @Cappadiszle, Burna Boy might be experiencing insecurity as a result of his need for pointless affirmation.

This guy has a strong desire to be a Black American. Masked by conceit and brittle egotism, there’s a mountain of insecurity and self-hatred hidden deep within. He throws tantrums at Nigerians because he feels unvalidated as the new Fela, not because he isn’t appreciated. He said, “Now he wants to be Tupac.”

“The struggle for validation and acceptance from those people is crazy,” commented @Letter_to_Jack, another user. To be acknowledged as an African American, he would instantly swap the entirety of Port Harcourt.

In the middle of the criticism, @applephilia reaffirmed to his detractors that Burna Boy is currently a worldwide brand that people aspire to be associated with.

Call him the new cat all you want, but Burna Boy is the new kid on the block in terms of global music, and people are drawn to him, the man remarked.

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