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The Ebonyi government has begun work on improving the runway at Chuba Okadigbo Airport.



The Ebonyi State Government announced on Friday that it has begun upgrading the Chuba Okadigbo Airport runway to international standards in order to prevent flight crashes.

Dr. Ngozi Obichukwu, the State Commissioner for Aviation and Technology, stated that expatriates had been hired to rebuild the airport runway.

Obichukwu stated that the Chuba Okadigbo Airport runway is being upgraded from concrete to standard asphalting to improve the operation of foreign airlines and other flight activities at the airport.

She stated that Governor Nwifuru had recruited a large number of security services to protect people and property, particularly tourists, and had assured foreign airlines of adequate safe landings at the airport.

“The runway is concrete, not asphalt,” Obichukwu explained. As a result, Governor Francis Nwifuru dispatched specialists in runway building to assess how the runway could be updated to international standards.

“The expatriates are here, and as you can see, they’re working hard to make sure the runway meets international standards.” When United Nigeria Airways arrived, they asked that the concrete be updated to normal asphalting.

“Governor Francis Nwifuru has initiated talks with CCECC and CDC construction firms to ensure that the runway is built to international standards.”

She urged passengers to be patient, stating that “Chuba Okadigbo’s airport has overtaken other Airports in the South East region, therefore, the need for an upgrade cannot be overemphasised.”

Obichukwu, on the other hand, praised the Governor for paying five (5) months’ salaries to over 500 airport employees hired by the previous administration in the state.

“We applaud the governor for paying the salaries of over 500 airport employees hired by the previous administration five months ago.”

“We also applaud his initiative and determination to keep Ebonyi on the road map/World Map of Airways.” And that’s why he promptly hired these expats, and by tomorrow, the technical officers will be on the job, ensuring that the runway is in excellent working order,” she emphasised.

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