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Tinubu orders the arrest of escaping inmates.



President Bola Tinubu has ordered the recapture of criminals who escaped from the country’s prisons between 2021 and 2022.

The Minister of Interior, Bunmi Tunji-Ojo, stated at a press conference in Abuja on Wednesday that the president wants the escapee inmates apprehended as soon as feasible.

Between 2021 and 2022, at least seven raids on prisons around the country occurred, with a considerable number of inmates escaping.

More than 4,000 inmates have escaped from the seven prisons, which include Kuje, Kogi, Jos, Abologo, Owerri, Okitipupa, and Oko.

After reviewing facilities at the Nigerian Immigration Service and the Nigerian Prisons Service, the minister stated that the service will work hard to ensure that the president’s order on fleeing detainees was followed to the letter.

He also stated that the Nigerian Prisons Service would liaise with security forces in the country to apprehend them.

“The president has given us a matching order, and it involves recapturing the fleeing inmates,” Tunji-Ojo said. To accomplish this, we will collaborate with other security agencies. We shall work nonstop till they return from wherever they are. We’ll make sure the ones inside don’t leave.”

He also stated that sabotage by jail staff would not be permitted.

“We will also not tolerate sabotage such as negligence of duty, among other things,” Tunji Ojo stated. We are ready to show anybody wants to sabotage the door.”

Earlier, at the Nigeria Immigration Service, the minister promised to review all existing agreements in order to improve the service’s performance.

He stated that he would form a team to conduct the study, and that those agreements were preventing the Service from carrying out its mandates.

“Any agreements (entered into by NIS) that are impeding our progress as a nation must be terminated.” “I’ll put together a team to look into this.”

Tunji-Ojo emphasised the importance of reducing the time it takes to obtain an international passport, regretting that Nigerians must wait months for the document.

He bemoaned the fact that his daughter had to wait six months for her passport.

“My daughter had to wait six months for her passport booklet.” I faced this as the chairman of the House Committee on NDDC; tell me what an average Nigerian will face. “It’s as if we’re waiting for a ticket to heaven.”

He also urged that Nigerians seeking international passports, particularly those in foreign nations, be treated with dignity.

Tunji-Ojo clearly stated that workers at the London passport office must follow his instructions.

“A passport is a right, not a privilege,” he stated. Nigerians everywhere, especially those living outside the country’s borders, must be treated with dignity.

“Those working in the London Immigration office must improve their services and treat Nigerians with the utmost respect when seeking travel documents.” Our folks, no matter where they live, must be proud of who they are.”

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