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Dele Alake believes that solid minerals will generate 50% of Nigeria’s GDP.



Alake stated that the new Mines Surveillance Security Task Force would coordinate mines police and proactively address high-risk instances of mining law violations.

Dele Alake, Minister of Solid Minerals Development, claims that solid minerals will contribute 50% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

On Sunday, Alake unveiled the Agenda for Transformation of Solid Minerals for International Competitiveness and Domestic Prosperity in Abuja.

He stated that the ministry would focus on a seven-point agenda in order to attract Foreign Direct Investment to the country.

He cites the establishment of the Nigerian Solid Minerals Corporation, joint ventures with mining multinationals, and Big Data on the seven priority minerals and their resources.

“Also, illegal miners had been given a 30-day grace period to join artisanal cooperatives.”

The Agenda will establish a Mines Surveillance Task Force and Mines Police, as well as a thorough examination of all mining licences.

“It will establish six Mineral Processing Centres that will focus on value-added products,” he explained.

President Bola Tinubu, according to the minister, has made hard and daring decisions that have reset the logic of the Nigerian economy.

He stated that the elimination of subsidies and the implementation of a single currency rate were among the administration’s major transformational policies.

“The ministry’s management is guided by this radical approach to making the economy more resilient in the long run.”

“The ministry must seize the bull by the horns if the country is to reap the benefits of the trillions of dollars in minerals hidden beneath the ground across the country.”

“To achieve this laudable goal, a paradigm shift in strategy is required by repositioning the sector in terms of human and capital factors that can drive its transformation,” he said.

Mining, according to the minister, is a significant business, and the ministry will see to it that the Nigerian Solid Mineral Corporation is established.

He stated that Nigeria must assert its presence in the petroleum sector by repeating its strategic position.

“This is possible by establishing a corporate body that operates in this field.”

“As a result, the ministry will work to establish the Nigerian Solid Minerals Corporation,” he stated.

According to Alake, the firm will provide strong support for Nigerian businessmen seeking funds abroad in order to validate their investment ideas.

He stated that the ministry would establish a security tax force and mines police to assist the country in combating illegal mining and smuggling.

“Let me state once more that the ministry is giving such people 30 days to join a miners’ cooperative or find another vocation.”

“When the period expires, the full force of the law will be applied to anyone seen on a mining site without a determinable status.”

“This message will be interpreted and broadcast on the radio to ensure that no one is unaware of this directive.”

“A revitalised security regime will go into effect in the solid minerals sector in October.”

“This will include Mine Police, who will be sourced from the Nigeria Police and will be specially trained to detect illegal mining and apprehend offenders,” he said.

Alake stated that the new Mines Surveillance Security Task Force would coordinate mines police and proactively address high-risk instances of mining law violations.

He stated that the federal and state governments would be urged to assign cases involving illegal miners to competent tribunals.

He stated that the ministry would address inefficient areas such as geo-data, inadequate implementation and enforcement, and bad environmental, safety, and health standards, among others.

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