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Dad of a kidnapped corps member criticises NYSC and security officials for their carelessness.



Security services and the National Youth Service Corps have been accused by the father of a corps member who was abducted in Zamfara State of being indifferent to the situation.

Eight graduates were kidnapped on their way from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State to their NYSC orientation camp, including Emmanuel Etteh’s daughter.Eight New York State troopers were kidnapped by gunmen on a Zamfara highway on Saturday, August 19, according to reporter.

In order to complete the required national service, the corps members were travelling from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, to Sokoto State via an AKTC bus. From there, they were headed to Zamfara State.Considering the authorities’ lack of contact, Etteh called the more than two-week-long event “devastating” during a live interview on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily on Monday.

“I am very disappointed by the government as a parent, so it is very devastating,” he added. That was the last time anyone discussed or inquired about this incident.

“Everyone acts as if nothing happened, security agencies don’t give a damn, and NYSC leadership doesn’t care either.”As everything proceeds, I can’t help but wonder: Is this the kind of governance we want for our nation? Can we feel safer with this kind of security? These kids were invited by NYSC to leave their homes and go to Sokoto.

The worried father conveyed his dissatisfaction with the NYSC Director General, saying he had expected the organisation to demonstrate a stronger degree of dedication.

According to the parent, the NYSC had fallen short of expectations.Etteh continued, saying that no one was interested in talking to the parents or addressing the issue.

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