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MDCN suspends four physicians from practising medicine.



Four doctors have been suspended from practising medicine in Nigeria by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria’s Medical and Dental Practitioners Investigation Panel.Through the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria’s social media accounts on Monday, they announced this.

The statutory body known as the Investigation Panel is tasked with looking into any claims made against a qualified medical practitioner or dental surgeon about professional misconduct.There are fifteen members of the panel, all of them are required to be licenced physicians or dentists.

The public may file claims of professional misconduct against physicians and dentists, and the PD department will investigate and handle them in accordance with the MDPIP’s Standing Orders and Rules of Procedure. In addition to overseeing departmental operations, the Head of Department acts as the Investigation’s secretary.

The statement read, “The following licenced medical practitioners in Nigeria will have their status as medical professionals temporarily suspended by the Medical and Dental Practitioners Investigation Panel: First, Ejike Ferdinand Orji, Ph.D. 2. Dr. Richard Okoye Chukwujekwu. 3. Olalekan Olatise, M.D. The fourth is Dr. Buliaminu Adebayo Adigun.

This order prohibits these registered practitioners from practising medicine in Nigeria until the Medical and Dental Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal has resolved the cases against them.”In order to enforce this order, notices of their suspension have been communicated to them and relevant institutions.

“The MDCN Registrar, Dr. Tajudeen Sanusi, confirmed the development to The reporter, stating that the doctors were suspended last week.Since I am not a member of the investigative panel, which is one of the council’s disciplinary bodies, I have not received a complete briefing.

However, the panel conducts a preliminary investigation into claims of professional misconduct, and once it is finished, either the doctors are released or the case is brought before the tribunal.”But the panel will suspend the doctors if they pose a risk to public health, which is exactly what happened. So, until the tribunal is constituted, no one may comment on it.

According to the reporter, Dr. Ejike Ferdinand Orji, a physician, was sentenced to one year in prison in January 2023 by the Lagos High Court, which was convening in Tafawa Balewa Square, for causing grievous hurt, negligence, and endangering the life of a 16-year-old patient.

Dr. Orji, the medical director of Excel Medical Centre Dolphin Estate, was first arraigned alongside his spouse, Dr. Ifeayinwa Grace Orji, in response to a charge brought up by the Lagos State Government.The medical director of the Zenith Medical and Kidney Centre in Abuja is also Dr. Olalekan Olatise.

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