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Obaseki ordains LG chairmen, and the APC smacks



In spite of pleas from the All Progressives Congress to call off the ceremony, Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki on Monday swore in the chairmen of the 18 Local Government Areas chosen in Saturday’s council election.

According to Obaseki, the Peoples Democratic Party carefully chose and the electorate elected the chairman.He conveyed his faith in the chairman’s capacity to work with the state administration to provide the populace with decent governance.

He declared, “I was not shocked that you won because I ran my campaign around the local government with all of you. What struck me—and this is something I was unaware of—was how much our people adore and support the PDP. Don’t disappoint them.

Obaseki advised the newly appointed chairmen to concentrate on growing their regions and making sure the surroundings are tidy.He promised that in places where federal roads had deteriorated, his administration would provide alternate routes.

The governor declared, “Our nation is currently experiencing a catastrophe. Edo is particularly harmed by our location because it puts us in the middle of the nation and connects us to numerous federally owned routes.

It may take some time, if at all, for the Federal Government to be able to construct those highways, given its current state of incapacity to administer itself, let alone reconstruct its roadways.

“Since we, fortunately, have other links, designing and collaborating with the state government to construct alternative state roads should be our first priority with you.Col. David Imuse (retd.), the chairman of the APC, asserted that there was no local government election on Saturday.

The Edo State Independent Electoral Commission’s credibility was questioned by the public, who were left deeply disappointed by what they perceived to be a sham of an election or selection process.

“As Edo State did not have a local government election, the EDSIEC should not release any results in any format.”On the basis of the alleged election, no attempt should be made to swear in any individual or individuals as chairmen or council members.

“With this, the APC is calling on all relevant parties, civil society organisations, and the general public to acknowledge this serious injustice and stand with us in advocating for justice and equity for the people of Edo State.”

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