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Private schools in Edo threaten to boycott the September 11 start date.



Due to claimed cruel government policies, Edo State private school owners, under the Coalition of Private Schools, vowed on Monday to boycott the September 11 resumption date.

At a press conference in Benin, the coalition stated that all attempts to contact Governor Godwin Obaseki regarding their predicament had been unsuccessful, which is why they had to make this decision.

The National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, the Association of Private School Owners of Nigeria, and the Association for Formidable Educational Development make up this body.Dr. Lemmy Russell, the State Chairman of NAPPS, gave a speech during which the association stated that it had written the governor three separate times without receiving a reply.

The group bemoaned the excessive taxation of the schools by the Federal Inland Revenue Service, in addition to the Personal Income Tax and the state government’s annual renewal.

The group said that the state’s Directorate of Quality Assurance’s most recent facilities check survey was hurried and unplanned.It explained how the state government’s choice to close down failing schools in light of the present economic climate served to increase the number of unenrolled students and jobless rates in a nation already beset by extreme poverty.

He declared, “Therefore, in order to address the numerous problems facing private schools in Edo State, we urge for a stakeholders meeting of the heads of the three organisations to engage a discussion.”Get rid of the enormous yearly renewal fee or have private schools pay a single, combined fee or tax instead of multiple bills from MDAs.

Private schools will be able to access funds or loans at extremely low interest rates, with a minimum five-year repayment term.

This will support the adoption of disarticulation policies in schools and enhance the educational setting. Our members would hold a nonviolent demonstration to make sure the required steps are completed in the event that the appeals are ignored.

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