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Apprehensions intending to deceive Nigerians using the photos of the Navy Chief apprehended



Three people who intended to deceive gullible Nigerians by using the Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Emmanuel Ogalla’s images, have been apprehended by the Nigerian Navy.

Oladele Opeyemi Daniel, 23, Eriwole Ogunlana, 24, and Mubarak Mayegun, 24, were named as suspects. It was alleged that they intended to use the photos to give the idea that their security organisation, the Gallantry Intelligence Corps of Nigeria, was working with the Nigerian Navy.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Commodore Kolawole Oguntuga, the commander of the Nigerian Navy Ship Beecroft, claimed that the suspects had been apprehended on September 1 while on patrol in Isolo, Lagos, in response to complaints about their fraudulent operations.

He continued by saying that the suspects were turned over to the State Criminal Investigation Department in Panti on Tuesday in order to conduct additional research.

Oguntuga stated, “The Nigerian Navy Ship Beecroft patrol team apprehended three impostors in the vicinity of Isolo, Lagos State, in a significant development to prevent defrauding the general public.”

“This action, which took place on September 1, 2023, was carried out in response to concerning allegations of dishonest people using Vice Admiral EI Ogalla, the Chief of the Naval Staff, in printed posters that were being distributed.

The imposters aimed to fool the public into thinking that the Nigerian Navy and an unlawful security organisation known as the Gallantry Intelligence Corps of Nigeria were working together.”Oladele Opeyemi Daniel (age 23), Eriwole Ogunlana (age 24), and Mubarak Mayegun (age 24) were named as the arrested suspects.

On Tuesday, September 5, the suspects were turned over to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, for a thorough investigation and prosecution.Nonetheless, he cautioned Nigerians to be wary of dishonest people attempting to con them out of their hard-earned cash.

“The Nigerian Navy warns the public to be wary of dishonest people who seek to cause needless suffering by luring young people into giving money for illicit work by employing unpleasant tactics,” Oguntuga stated.

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