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DSS arrests emergency personnel in Nasarawa and others for reselling palliative care



A few Nasarawa State Emergency Management Agency officers and their collaborators have been detained by the Department of State Services on charges of stealing palliative care intended for individuals who are in need of it.Among other things, the suspects were charged of selling the palliatives in Lafia’s contemporary market.

After looking into the situation, the DSS recovered some of the things, according to a statement released on Tuesday by spokesperson Peter Afunanya.Similar activities were going on in other federation states, according to Afunanya.

The Department of State Services has received reports from certain State Governments regarding the diversion or sale of palliatives intended for their citizens, according to the statement.As a result, the Service launched an investigation in that area, recovering some of the objects and capturing the suspects.

The Service, for example, intercepted a suspected criminal ring in Nasarawa State that was in charge of diverting and selling the palliatives intended for the area’s most vulnerable citizens, while similar operation is still ongoing in other states.

Officials from the Nasarawa State Emergency Management Agency and its cronies in the marketplaces, most notably Modern Market Lafia, where the goods were being resold, are among those suspected.

However, the suspects have been turned over for the proper disciplinary action.On the other hand, he urged people to notify security services if they knew of any similar instances occurring nearby.

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