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Keyamo, the second runway of Nnamdi Azikwe Airport, will be finished in a year.



It has been revealed by Festus Keyamo, the Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, that the second runway at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja is anticipated to be finished in the upcoming year.

He added that the impacted communities are now receiving compensation.”You understand that I had to go meet with the minister of the Federal Capital Territory and start that project by removing the roadblocks.

As of right now, according to the report I have, FCT has begun paying the settlers there with the money we gave them, and they have begun to move.

Nigerians have been waiting a very long time for this project. This project has been contentious since our Obasanjo era. Fortunately, this government is about to start that project, which is one of the low-hanging fruit projects that we believe is really significant.

You recall the other time there was some issue with the Abuja runway and we all had to board our jet by travelling to Kaduna, which was really uncomfortable.Therefore, he said, “I pray that all government agencies, the National Assembly, and the presidency will give us the support to make sure we deliver that project within 12 months.

The second runway for a gateway like Abuja for the capital city is extremely important.”Speaking on Tuesday during a tour of the Abuja airport, the minister emphasised that the contentious Nigeria Air project is still on hold and said that he will not ignore any possible warning signs.

He continued by saying that the worries of Nigerians, along with those of all relevant government agencies, would not be ignored and that the Nigeria Air project would not start until all contracts that were signed prior to, during, and following the project’s purported debut have been carefully examined.

I The federal government as a whole, not just me as a minister, will review all of the reports I’m presenting to them in order to reach a final conclusion, he stated.

Thus, no final decision has been made on any of them, but I will not be present because it would be extremely reckless of me to do so as a minister and because government agencies are flashing red lights here and there. Instead, I will remain silent.”I’m not even talking about Nigerians protesting; government officials are expressing concerns about both projects. I, as a government employee serving as a minister, will then wave all of those warning signs away.

You know, in an effort to save us and them, some had already started to commit themselves.Avoid committing! cling on. Don’t make any commitments so that these adventures won’t involve you. Hold on, let’s examine everything. As I previously stated, we should take into consideration the sentiments of Nigerians as well as any warning signs that have been brought up by government authorities before reaching a final judgement.

Keyamo also pledged to restore a maintenance culture at the airport and voiced his displeasure with the way some airport facilities were deteriorating.”Those are the problems we are facing now that I have visited most of our airports,” stated Keyamo. As far as I can tell, just four of the ten chillers are operational despite this new facility.

Right, so what’s the quick fix? I’ve explained to them that my approach to some of these issues is that, for instance, most of the outdated lifts would come with a charge every two months to replace them, and by the time you’ve fixed them three times, you’re practically done and would have to buy a new one. To get rid of them, I told them. Here, let’s purchase top-notch lifts to advertise a new brand.”The ones I saw here are insufficiently good.

” I am aware that lifts are inadequate. Therefore, I will not be here, and I wish for them to go buy inferior lifts once more. Lifts are not something you only buy locally; they are something that can withstand heavy traffic and are seen all over the world. Good brands can be found everywhere in the world.Thus, I’ve instructed them to remove these lifts. Every two months, I won’t spend the money fixing them.

That’s my attitude towards letting’s be patient, hurry through urgent procurement procedures, and purchase high-quality elevators so Nigerians may enjoy the introduction of high-quality brands.Beyond that, though, we ought to cultivate a culture of upkeep. Since these items are more akin to consumables, if I may use the phrase “consumables,” we are unable to sustain them internally.

You know, the reason I put that word in quotes is because these are things you see and use virtually every day, and they are the things that people see. Bring in individuals who can take care of them and hold them accountable.

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