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Meta Is To Stop Using Facebook News In Germany, France, And The UK



The largest social media platform, Meta, announced on Tuesday that it will discontinue the Facebook News tab in its three largest European regions, Germany, France, and the UK, in December.

The business stated in a blog post that users of the largest social media platform in the world will still be able to read and share news on their feeds.

However, Meta said that it would no longer support the news tab and would stop negotiating with publishers to provide material for those nations’ more than 130 million subscribers.

The titan of Silicon Valley has fought a number of brutal legal battles throughout the globe, with lawmakers and media outlets charging it and other companies of making money off of their material while providing no compensation.

After the Canadian government implemented legislation requiring the platform to pay the news sources, Meta blocked users in Canada from viewing or sharing links to news articles.Meta stressed in the blog post that moving away from news material was part of its larger Facebook strategy.

The company stated, “We know that people come to Facebook to connect with people and discover new opportunities, passions, and interests—they don’t come for news and political content.”

“The majority of Facebook users only use Facebook for small portions of their experience; news comprises less than three percent of what users see worldwide in their feed.”

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