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Minister Says Backlogs in Passports Will Be Removed in Two Weeks



During a live appearance on Tuesday on Television, Tunji-Ojo disclosed this.In addition, he stated that “clearing all backlogs shouldn’t take more than two weeks” and that corruption in the industry was fueled by the shortage and delays associated with issuing and renewing new passports.

“No Nigerian should have to wait longer than two weeks after these backlogs are cleared,” he emphasised.According to the minister, having a green passport is not a privilege but rather a right for every Nigerian.

“It’s a right, not a privilege,” he declared, adding that Nigerians wanted their right to be their own and not to be bestowed upon them by others.He asserts that it is unacceptable for any Nigerian to be treated disrespectfully due to their application for a passport.”The President has consistently stated that Nigerians desire to see solutions.

Make no excuses.As per the direction issued by the President, the current state of affairs cannot continue as usual. Every step of this process—from filling out the form online to making the money, selecting a date, using biometrics, and getting passports issued—has been thoroughly examined.

Additionally, we comprehend the service providers involved and have identified one or two issues that need to be fixed,” he stated.T.In addition, Tunji-Ojo stated that he is in discussions to digitise and decentralise the process of issuing new passports and renewing existing ones with service providers and the Nigeria Immigration Service.

The entire enrollment process needs to be digitalized and decentralised. People should be able to stroll into the closest post office, financial institutions, and a variety of other locations. We’re still experimenting with a lot of things,” he remarked.

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