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Power outage in Abuja due to downsizing of electrical staff



The Nigeria Labour Congress’s ongoing strike, according to the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company on Tuesday, is to blame for the state’s power outage.Residents of Abuja were asked to find strategies to handle the outage till the electricity was restored in a statement released by the AEDC management on X.

We are aware of the widespread power outage occurring throughout our franchise as a result of the NLC enforcing the labour union’s two-day warning strike. As we continue to work with important stakeholders to lessen the impact of the strike on our customers, we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

“We advise you to take the appropriate safety measures to successfully manage the outage in the interim. Please unplug appliances and delicate electronics from power sources while the power is restored.

“Through our official social media handles, we will keep you informed about any developments pertaining to the impact of the strike action on our operations. We appreciate your patience and on-going help during this trying time.

We still have a strong desire to help you.IThe National Union of electrical Employees of Nigeria, which represents the electrical industry, reportedly joined the two-day walkout that the NLC organised.

Recall that on Friday, the NLC announced the two-day warning strike in a statement co-signed by Secretary Emmanuel Ugboaja and National President Joe Ajaero.

The NLC said this was in response to the Tinubu-led administration’s inability to communicate with and involve organised labour stakeholders on efforts to mitigate the effects of the removal of fuel subsidies on the “poor masses.”In August, organised labour launched a daylong protest that shut down operations in several major towns throughout the nation.

The NLC listed a number of additional reasons why it would organise its members for the nationwide shutdown, including the police siege of the National Union of Road Transport Workers’ national headquarters; the alleged exploitation of workers’ rights in Imo state; the Abia State government’s meddling in trade union affairs; and Nyesom Wike, the new minister of the Federal Capital Territory,’s proposed demolition.

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