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“You will profit handsomely in Nigeria,” Tinubu tells an Indian businessman.



Potential Indian investors have been reassured by President Bola Tinubu of the huge profits they may make in Nigeria.

His promise that his administration will remove any obstacles that prevent them from conducting business in the nation served as the foundation for this.”I am here to personally reassure our investors and friends that I will not allow any bottlenecks to stand in my way.

According to Tinubu, Nigeria would rank among the best countries in the world to generate significant profits and long-term employment. Gopichand Hinduja, the CEO and chairman of the Hinduja Group of Companies, is a conglomerate with more than $100 billion in assets under management.

Ajuri Ngelale, the president’s special adviser on media and publicity, signed a statement that said, “Within ninety minutes of the President’s arrival in India, the Indian Industrialist was received by the President for a meeting, which began around 8:00 pm local time.””President Tinubu Arrives India and Heads Straight Into Top-Level Investment Meeting with Hinduja Chairman After 15-Hour Journey” is the title of the statement.

Tinubu informed his first guest, Hinduja, that he was in India to entice investments to Nigeria with lucrative opportunities for investors, but most importantly, jobs for Nigerians and new revenue opportunities for Nigeria’s federal and sub-national governments.

Tinubu was accompanied to the meeting by Nigeria’s Ministers of Finance, Trade & Industry, and Foreign Affairs.”We’re here to conduct business. Nothing can stop you from taking advantage of the unparalleled potential provided by our sizable market and the resourcefulness and diligence of the Nigerian people with my backing.

We’re available for business,” he declared.The Chairman of the Hinduja Group informed the President that, during his historic tenure as Lagos’s governor, he saw firsthand how a problem of coastline erosion and water intrusion was transformed into a vast free trade area where business is now thriving.

He claimed that this was partly the reason for his eagerness to work with Nigeria’s new President to bring wealth and win-win situations to the country’s gifted populace.

“As a leader with prior experience, we have faith in you. You are aware of the difficulties. You are capable of fixing them.We see that you are already tackling the systemic issues, so we are going to invest billions of dollars under your direction.

I’m prepared to sign an agreement and start working on it now.The businessman declared, “You tell me who to contact and we will get to work right away, especially regarding bus and automobile manufacturing in Nigeria, among other areas.”

“Ministers of Trade and Finance, the two of you will follow this up immediately and you will draw up the terms to the satisfaction of both parties,” Tinubu stated in response to Gopichand.”Any issues that at all need my intervention should be brought to my attention right away.

“The President came to the conclusion that working together, rather than alone, is the only way he could fulfil his vision of making Nigeria great.He said that when his investors are satisfied, Nigerians would celebrate because they will be able to participate in an inclusive economy where excellence becomes the nation’s reputation and hard work is rewarded.

The industrialist stated that he had “paperwork stalled in Nigerian bureaucracy for over one year, especially in FCT, but I knew that you would be purpose-driven in this endeavour and God will help you to turn Nigeria’s rich promise into rich reality for all of its citizens” after the President gave the two ministers the collaboration task.

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