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The Venice Boat Company has banned Kanye West and his wife due to their indecent exposure.



To put it mildly, they were discovered in a “compromising position.”

Due to indecent exposure, the Venice Water Services has banned Kanye West and his new wife Bianca Censori.

The rapper has always been in the headlines for one scandal or another, but right now, his rear end being seen in the open while on a boat ride in Italy is what’s making waves.

Bystanders captured images of West and his wife on August 28, 2023, with West sitting on a bench and his hand holding her head. His wife was cuddled up between his legs. The rapper’s pants were yanked down from behind in another shot, exposing his butt crack.

When the news and images circulated on social media and it was declared that they would be prohibited, the boat firm Venezia Turismo Motoscafi was not aware of what had happened on their property.

As to TMZ, an official from the company emphasised that the reason the boat driver didn’t witness “these obscenities” was because he was preoccupied with operating the vessel. Had he, he would have promptly denounced the rapper and Bianca to the relevant authorities.

The couple had already caused a stir while on vacation in Italy prior to the butt-crack incident. The rapper has managed to stay in the tabloids with his various antics, such as going barefoot in Venice, showing off Bianca’s revealing clothes, and showing up at an unknown person’s wedding.

Insiders at People Magazine have now allegedly stated that the couple’s eye-catching antics could be a marketing ploy to support West’s recently released record.

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