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Ben Bruce advises Obi and Atiku to put national interest above self-interest.



Ben Murray-Bruce, a former senator, advised petitioners to prioritise the nation’s interests over their own self-interest or personal ambition.

In response to the tribunal’s ruling, Murray-Bruce posted on his X page on Wednesday that petitioners should embrace the court’s decision as the ‘people’s verdict’ and that elections do not have to end in court.

He stated, “Once elections have been held and a winner has been declared, we must adhere to the Jonathan doctrine and embrace the verdict of the people for the sake of democracy and the nation.

“Our elections don’t have to terminate in the courts. But now that we’re in this position and the courts have spoken, let’s place the national interest ahead of our personal interests, accept the verdict, and move on so that the nation can progress.

“Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the legitimately elected and uncontested President of Nigeria, and this ruling should put an end to all queries and eliminate all doubts.

“I commend the justices of the Presidential Election Petition Court for performing an exceptionally difficult task with distinction. It was democracy that triumphed. Consequently, I commend both the President and his opponents.

“This verdict coincides with the President’s one hundredth day in office, days that have been eventful, productive, and decisive. Now that he is free of this unnecessary uncertainty, we can anticipate even better days.

“Finally, I call on supporters of all parties to this now-settled case to be mindful of recent events on our continent and, as a result, to tailor their words and actions to promote the peace, development, and prosperity of Nigeria as one democratic and united nation under God.”

Recall that on Wednesday, a five-member tribunal panel headed by Justice Haruna Tsammani upheld President Bola Tinubu’s victory in the February 25 election.

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