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PEPT’s rule is a sham – MBF



The Middle Belt Forum, MBF, has branded the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal, PEPT, judgement on Wednesday that validated President Bola Tinubu’s election as a sham.

The MBF criticised the Tribunal’s choice to focus on technicalities in order to dismiss the suits while election panels had been warned against doing so in the resolution of election disputes.

Dr. Bitrus Pogu, National President of MBF, who made the forum’s position public on Thursday, advised the petitioners to take the matter to the Supreme Court in the sake of justice.

“That ruling to us was a charade,” he says. We encourage the petitioners to appeal to the Supreme Court.

“Even the average Nigerian who is not a lawyer will object to that ruling.” How do you claim it’s constitutionally inappropriate for someone to have dual passports or dual nationality, but the filing of the matter was improper, therefore it’s thrown out?

“And there were many amusing things based on technicalities.” Though I am not a lawyer, the reality is that if someone is not fit to be president, he should not be president. Why use technicalities to argue that even if he is not fit, he is fit because the person who filed the complaint did not do it correctly? The problem persists.

“As a result, we are disappointed with the decision, and we encourage the petitioners to appeal to the Supreme Court and let justice prevail.”

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