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Chevron denies any participation in the suspected theft of crude oil.



The operator of the NNPCL/CNL JV, a joint venture between CNL and the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited, Chevron Nigeria Limited, has denied any involvement in the purported theft of crude oil from the Niger Delta creeks.

According to information obtained by our correspondent, a report allegedly attributed to the Chairman of the House of Representatives ad hoc committee established to look into crude oil theft in the area blamed foreign oil companies, specifically mentioning Chevron and another IOC.

This information was obtained from one of the online media platforms, not The reporter.Although CNL is aware of the online media allegation, Esimaje Brikinn, General Manager, Policy, Government and Public Affairs, stated in a signed statement made available to journalists in Warri, Delta State on Saturday that “it is untrue, incorrect, and made without any basis.

“He claims that the Special Investigation Panel on Oil Theft/Losses in Nigeria, which was established by the Federal Government, recently praised CNL’s dedication to collaborating with government agencies and others to avoid oil theft and its effects on the environment when visiting CNL’s operation.

The statement confirmed that illegal bunkering and oil theft in the Niger Delta region “has negatively impacted CNL’s operation and has devastating effects on the nation’s economy and the environment in the Niger Delta region,” while also restating Chevron’s commitment to supporting cooperative efforts to prevent oil theft and pipeline vandalism in its area of operation.

As a result, CNL promised to keep an eye on the surroundings in the regions where it operates and to notify the appropriate government security forces and regulatory bodies of any suspected criminal activities or breaches.

The statement emphasised that by working with the communities surrounding the company’s activities to establish the Community Pipeline and Facilities Surveillance Programme (CPFSP) in 2005, CNL has contributed to a decrease in pipeline vandalism and oil theft in the Niger delta region.

A portion of the statement said, “CNL continues to address the issue of oil theft and pipeline vandalism through the CPFSP and involves community children in pipeline monitoring to lower oil theft in CNL’s operational region.

In addition to the CPFSP and government security troops conducting physical waterborne patrols, CNL also uses other technologies and security surveillance devices.

“CNL is dedicated to upholding the greatest moral standards and business values. As a responsible corporation, CNL follows all legal requirements and conducts its operations in an ecologically and socially responsible manner.

“CNL will keep collaborating with the Nigerian government to advance the growth of the country’s economy overall as well as the oil and gas sector.”

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