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Commissioner Taraba courted investments and visitors



The Taraba government urged investors to invest in the tourism industry and take advantage of the state’s potential on Friday.Joseph Nagombe, the state’s commissioner for heritage and ecotourism, made the announcement at the 16th International Arts and Craft Expo, which is now taking place in Abuja.“Marketing Nigerian Crafts to the World” is the topic of the expo.

Taraba is blessed with a wealth of natural tourist attractions, according to the commissioner, who also urged visitors from abroad and within the country to visit the state dubbed “Nature’s gift to the world.” Lagosians Bemoan the Stressful PVC CollectionAccording to Nagombe, the state administration will not think twice about creating the favourable conditions necessary for investments to flourish there.

He said that the state is rich in historical and tourist attractions, such as the Marmara Crocodile Pond, Gashaka Gumti National Park, Barup Waterfall, and the Mambilla Plateau, which is home to the tallest mountain in both Nigeria and West Africa.

He claims that the state’s Ibi community’s Nwonyo Fishing Festival is a well-known occasion for tourists.According to him, the community members gather in great numbers to fish on the largest lake in West Africa, which stretches for 15 kilometres till it meets the Benue River.

“To be here at the 16th INAC is a wonderful opportunity,” he remarked. We are here to showcase Taraba State’s many tourism resources.”Taraba state has 16 local government districts, 30 tribes, and a population of over 2,300,736 as of the 2006 census.

The state is endowed with intriguing tourist destinations, such as the Mambilla Plateau, which is Nigeria’s highest plateau at an average elevation of 1,600 metres above sea level.With a total area of nearly 9,389 square kilometres, the Plateau is a popular tourist destination.”With a total landmass of approximately 6,402 km, the Gashaka Gumti National Park is Nigeria’s largest national park, rich in both fauna and floral aesthetics.

“Nagombe invited interested parties, both domestic and foreign, to contribute to many facets of the state’s economy.He gave prospective investors the assurance that Taraba’s residents were kind, amiable, and accommodating.

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