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Moving to alter the NNPP logo and the constitution is Kwankwaso.



The New Nigeria Peoples Party’s leadership dispute has taken a new turn as a result of a proposal to change the party’s logo and constitution by Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso’s group.In a rare interview, National Auditor of NNPP Ladipo Johnson affirmed the decision to change the constitution.

This development occurs three days after the NNPP presidential candidate was ousted by the party’s faction led by Major Agbo because to accusations of anti-party activities and embezzlement of party campaign funds.Abdulsalam Abdulrasaq, the NNPP’s factional National Publicity Secretary, revealed Kwankwaso’s expulsion in a statement on Tuesday.

Kwankwaso was expelled with immediate effect, according to Abdulrasaq, since he did not show up to defend himself against the accusations made against him before the disciplinary panel.There was dissatisfaction inside the party following the removal of the previous governor of Kano, and opposition chieftains traded accusations.

In nFindings on Saturday, a few days after the drama, showed that the Kwankwaso camp had quietly changed the logo and constitution, purportedly to loosen the hold of Dr. Boniface Aniebonam, the founder of the NNPP.

The national auditor, however, denied the action was a reaction to the establishment of a faction inside the NNPP, even though Johnson, the chairman of the disciplinary committee that dismissed some factional party members a few weeks ago, confirmed the development.”No, it’s unrelated to any faction.

We had already spoken about it at the NEC. In contrast to the Agbo faction, we are devout individuals. However, we still haven’t updated the logo. We intend to put it out there so that our members can compete and submit ideas,” he stated.

Major Agbo, the faction’s acting national chairman, responded by telling our correspondent that they were aware of the covert move and thought it was intended to take away the founder’s immunity.”Clearly, the proposed constitutional amendment and the logo change they are talking about were done on purpose,” he declared.

This was due to their abrupt realisation that the founder, the guy they were chasing, was protected by a clause in the constitution. That’s the reason they’re rushing to change it.

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