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Without Nigeria, the G-20 will remain incomplete, Tinubu informs international leaders.



Speaking to the G-20 leaders on Saturday, President Bola Tinubu said that Nigeria can play a significant role inside the group and help to shape a more equal world because of its strategic importance as the continent’s largest economy and democracy.

Tinubu told world leaders during the 18th G-20 Leaders’ Summit in New Delhi, India, that Nigeria was “poised, able, and willing to be a major player in this family of the G-20 and in shaping a new world, without whom the family will remain incomplete.

“In a statement he signed on Saturday, Ajuri Ngelale, the President’s Special Advisor on Media and Publicity, revealed this. It was titled, “President Tinubu to G-20 leaders: As Africa’s largest market, economy, and democracy, Nigeria is ready to play vital role in G-20.

“In spite of his recognition of the G-20’s critical role in creating a rules-based international system that fosters peace and shared prosperity, Tinubu maintained that the majority of today’s urgent problems are “international in character and cannot be addressed without multilateral cooperation.

“The roads to a world that is peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable, he continued, are therefore greater collaboration, cooperation, and partnerships among varied areas.This, according to Tinubu, explains why it is impossible to overstate the G-20’s influence and contributions in creating a just and equitable new global order.

“A peaceful and secure world where shared prosperity is achieved cannot result from a world that lives as one family but is divided by staggering income inequalities and uneven access to basic social goods by the vast majority of our people,” noted Tinubu.

He stated that these laws and the global governance frameworks for the aspirations of all peoples on the planet must be created, owned, and administered by all of them.He said, “This is consistent with mutual respect, sustainable development, and the true spirit of One Family.

“The leader of Nigeria commended Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India for organising the historic meeting and accomplishing a successful lunar landing.He characterised the accomplishment as a source of inspiration for the Global South developing nations.

“Opens opportunities for future membership of the group in a manner that reflects the relative balance of power and inclusiveness of humanity as One Family,” Tinubu said in response to the African Union’s admission to the G-20.

In addition, the President called for increased international cooperation, assigning developed nations the responsibility of assisting underprivileged areas in the Global South and advancing climate justice.On the basis of justice, equity, and fairness, he demanded that international mechanisms for resource mobilisation and governance be strengthened.

In addition, President Tinubu called on the developed world, industrialised nations, and multilateral organisations to gather funds and focus their efforts on the impoverished Global South, specifically where assistance is most needed.

“By doing this, we will be creating a society that is firmly rooted in the principles of respect and tolerance, where cooperation, diplomacy, and dialogue triumph over rivalry, strife, and divisions that stem from rigid ideologies and belief systems,” he said in closing.

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