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A disabled guy loses his fatherhood, and preachers try to sell “mercury” to hunchbacks.



The killing of a 24-year-old man named Lucky in the Port Harcourt area of the state led to the arrest of three people, including two pastors, according to ONELGA OSPAC, a vigilante organisation located in Rivers State.

According to reports, Lucky passed away following a hunchback removal procedure.As the suspects attempted to escape Port Harcourt, they were apprehended, according to an officer with the Planning and Advisory Committee of the security group, codenamed OSPAC, who spoke with Sunday reporter.

Olatoye, 54, one of the suspects, claimed to be the pastor of a new generation church in Osiakpo, close to Omoku in the state. He claimed that Pastor Paul, Ejike’s younger brother, and his father, Ejike, gave him the victim.

During questioning, Olatoye allegedly admitted that the two had taken Lucky to have surgery so that his family could remove “mercury” from his hunchback.He said, “Paul mentioned that he was going to get rid of his brother Ejike’s son who had a hunchback.

When I questioned him about it, he told me the youngster was a thief and this and that. He claimed that the father had tried to sell the youngster when he was much younger, but it had not gone well.”He inquired as to if I knew anyone who could look after the youngster. I promised him I would look into it.

The suspect stated that they had all consented to surgery and that they had spoken with a friend allegedly in Abeokuta, Ogun State, who had promised to pay N10 million for “mercury” that would be extracted from the victim’s hunchback.”The boy in question, Lucky, even came to meet me and begged me to help him if the hunchback could be removed,” he continued.

He expressed his desire to resemble a typical human being.”I warned them that he might not make it through the procedure, but he insisted he would.” We scheduled a date for us to travel for the treatment at that point.

“My initial point of contact was with an NGO in Imo State’s Owerri, who promised to extract the “mercury” and give us N5 million.”I questioned him about what our own share would be. Finally, Paul and Ejike agreed to take the N5 million offer, but the NGO never materialised once more.

According to the suspect, he went to another “contact” in Abeokuta, Ogun State, who offered to pay N10 million, but all parties agreed that the money would be paid in two or three months.He mentioned that Ejike, the victim’s father, continued to stop by his office and bother him.

“Ejike entrusted the boy to me the day we travelled to Lagos for the surgery before leaving for Abeokuta, and Paul paid me N15,000 for transportation.I called the father at the hospital about the document we needed to sign, but he instructed me to sign on his behalf instead.

“The boy was ultimately unable to make it, even though the operation was completed,” he continued.Although Paul, Ejike’s 38-year-old brother, expressed regret for the event, he denied any involvement, claiming to have simply introduced Olawale to his brother.

Following that, he denied providing them with transportation, as reported by Pastor Olawale, and said he was not involved in their conversation with Olawole and his brother.Speaking to reporters, Felix Nwobakata, the OSPAC Commander, stated that the arrest will operate as a disincentive to anyone attempting to engage in ritualistic behaviour.

He verified the arrest and added that the victim’s father and the two pastors had also been taken into custody while speaking through his media assistant, Obed Douglas.”For additional investigation and prosecution, all three suspects have been turned over to the Assistant Inspector General, Monitoring Unit, Zone 16, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

“Our correspondent tried calling Grace Iringe-Koko, the state police command spokesperson, but she did not answer, therefore our attempts to get through to her were unsuccessful.As of the Saturday when this complaint was filed, she had also not responded to a text message that had been sent to her.

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