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Two people are killed and one is hurt in an automobile accident in Akwa Ibom.



In a fatal car accident in Akwa Ibom State, two people have been confirmed deceased and one has been injured.On Sunday at around 12 o’clock along Eket-Oron Road in the state, the accident happened.In a statement issued by Mr. Paul James, the command’s public relations officer, Mr. Matthew Olonisaye, the sector commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps in the state, verified the occurrence.

A Mitsubishi Bus (L300) with the registration number JJJ24XB and a Hyundai Accent with the registration number JJJ773FQ, according to Olonisaye, were both engaged.He claims that the injured person was taken directly to the medical centre for treatment while the deceased were placed in a mortuary.The sector commander attributed the accident to excessive speeding.

A fatal collision involving a Mitsubishi Bus (L300) with the registration number JJJ24XB and a Hyundai Accent with the registration number JJJ773FQ happened on Sunday, August 13, 2023, at about 1200 hours.

Three male adults were involved, two of them have been confirmed dead, and one has been injured.”FRSC workers mobilised when they got to the collision site after hearing about the tragedy and brought the injured there for quick medical assistance while the dead were taken to the mortuary.

“It was discovered during investigation that the eyewitness accounts of the Crash indicated that Route Violation and Speeding were the primary factors. The casualties were taken to the hospital right once, and then the road was cleaned of barriers to allow for free passage of traffic.

Reiterated the need for safety consciousness among drivers and warned them against excessive speeding, distracted driving, nighttime travel, drunk driving, and failure to abide by traffic signs, among other things.

Warned all road users against such actions that could undermine the safety of the road users because any life lost can never be recovered.

The Sector Commander expressed sympathy to the relatives of the deceased, wished the injured a speedy recovery, and urged all road users to rigorously abide by all traffic regulations to prevent loss of life and damage to property on our roads.

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