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After 15 years, Thecuteabiola reconciles Mohbad’s parents.



If we really want justice, mohbad dad and mum has to join together to be one on this matter!. I met the mother, who told me she hadn’t seen her father in around 15 years. I haven’t posted anything about it since because I am so fatigued!!!! I’ve been contacting the family. Both the father and mother.

This is not the time to discuss IMOLE’s qualities. Who are those irrational idiots questioning the Dad sef? Please, enough!! Is it a ment? That man is so weak and terrified that he is splitting what he is not authorized to say in public. JUSTICE FOR MOHBAD is more vital than anything else at this point.

I’ve been doing my best on this. At this juncture, the father and mother must work together to achieve justice; papa dey do him on one side, while mama dey do her own.What is it that I said to the father a few minutes ago? I tried my best to resolve their disputes for the time being and for the benefit of their son, and both of them will undoubtedly come together at this point. The priority should be JUSTICE FOR MOHBAD. At this time,.

Both parties will be together very soon and will set eyes on each other; I won’t say when (for a very good reason, you should understand), but they will be together as soon as possible, and we will fight for justice together! You have contributed to IMOLE’s destruction, lasan! You will not go scot free!

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