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‘All words, no action,’ says Mohbad. Actress Uche Ogbodo criticises the hypocrisy of Nigerians.



Following the passing of artist MohBad, Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo criticised Nigerians for their alleged hypocrisy.

While discussing the controversy surrounding the singer’s death, the actress lamented the propensity of Nigerians to speak without acting.

Ogbodo claims that when people are going through a difficult period, Nigerians are ready to encourage them to come out about their experiences, only to scorn and criticise them when they do.

She asserted that Nigerians are not yet ready to address the underlying causes of bullying and harassment in society.

She cried out, “My God! Nigerians only talk and do nothing. I’ve been thinking, why not speak up loud and clear?

But on blogs and other platforms, those who speak out are made fun of and mocked! We’re not yet prepared to take on this monster head-on! unless we’re not.

“Until we are ready to tackle the bullying and harassment that is the proverbial elephant in the room! Let those who have died as a result of bullying and harassment rest in peace.

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