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I am bullied by the same people who are mourning Mohbad — Yul Edochie



Yul Edochie, a Nollywood actor, has stated that the same harassment that late musician Mohbad endured prior to his death is what he receives from industry colleagues and Nigerians online.

On Sunday, the actor announced this on his Instagram page.

The actor emphasised that the individuals now calling for Mohbad’s justice were the same ones who had harassed him for over a year because of his decision to marry another woman.

Yul blasted his coworkers, claiming that none of them had spoken up to protect him in the face of constant abuse and insults for over a year.

“All of una wey posy justice for Mohbad, plus the Nollywood people wey join dey shout am, you’re not different from the people who maltreated Mohbad,” he wrote. You’re all demons and nasty people looking for power. You’re all the same people that have been insulting me for over a year, abusing me on the internet, and attempting to kill me for no reason.

“Simply because I made a personal decision for my life that is none of your concern.”

“How many of you supported Mohbad when he was still alive?” Now that he’s gone, you’re utilising him to drive people to your website. People who are useless. Bloggers have been spreading lies about me for almost a year now. For my instance, everyone turned to the blogger. Making money by spreading false stories about me on Facebook. Telling lies just to ruin my reputation. On top of that, nobody knows nothing about it. Simply because males don’t talk. Nobody knows what I saw in my house that influenced my decision. Idiots.

“What they did to Mohbad is what they’ve been doing to me for over a year on the internet.” How many Nollywood stars have spoken out to say enough is enough? You’re all waiting for me to die so you can share my photo and rubbish about “justice for…” Una thunder go fire. My son died. Demands say na me kill my son in the midst of tremendous suffering. How many una have stepped up to fight for justice? Even my own Aunty has not phoned me in a day to enquire what happened; instead, she uses me to bring attention to her page.

“On top of that, no one cares. Furthermore, why does one not know when to begin or what is going on within the house? Because a man would prefer remain silent and defend his wife’s image than reveal needless facts. Bullying, insults, obscenities, and other online harassment has been enough to kill or drive me to depression for over a year. However, una no suitable kill me. God gave me a strong head. 100 million of your devils will not be able to reach me. Whatever evil you intend to do to me will be repeated a thousand times. Wizards and witches.”

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