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Tonto Dikeh Criticises the NDLEA and Governor Sanwo-Olu



Famous Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh expressed her concerns on Instagram on the governor of Lagos State, His Excellency Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, being silent regarding the sad demise of Mohbad, a well-known musician from Nigeria.

The actress asked the governor a number of questions in a post on her Instagram page, mainly regarding the alleged involvement of two people, Mr. Sam Larry and Naira Marley, who she alleges are employees of the governor. Their responsibilities needed to be clarified, according to Dikeh, who questioned the nature of their job titles.

The governor’s silence about the unfortunate occurrence surrounding Mohbad’s passing was also brought up by Tonto Dikeh, who said it was “speaking volumes.” She emphasised that the governor had the chance to assist the artist “d@g a grav@”—a reference to an earlier incident or problem—just four months ago.

Tonto Dikeh asked Governor Sanwo-Olu directly in an Instagram post, “Sir, why are you silent? Has your excellent office not repeatedly showed you depressing videos of your suspected employees abusing a 27-year-old artist?

The actress also alluded to a picture of Sam Larry, who is shown with Governor Sanwo-Olu and is said to have been spotted approaching Mohbad during the artist’s video shoot in front of witnesses while brandishing a cutl@zz (cutlass).

Tonto Dikeh requested Governor Sanwo-Olu to “PROVE THEM/US WRONG NOW” in response to her doubts about the assertions that Mr. Sam Larry and Mr. Marley are employed by the governor.

The actress cautioned readers at the end of her essay on the value of being aware of what is captured on camera.

Questions and public discussion have been aroused by Tonto Dikeh’s allegations as well as Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s inaction following Mohbad’s death. The Lagos State Government has not yet provided an official statement on the subject.

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