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Iyabo Ojo demands a nonviolent demonstration in response to the passing of Mohbad.



She also encourages other famous people to take up the cause of justice.

Iyabo Ojo, a Nollywood actress, has fervently pleaded for justice for the late musician Mohbad and has called for a nonviolent protest next week.

On September 17, 2023, she urged Lagos State Governor Sanwo Olu to make sure that the recently begun investigations be carried out during her Instagram live session.

In order to stress the significance of the investigations to the populace, she also announced that a peaceful rally would be staged as people made their way to the governor’s office.

“Governor Sanwo Olu,” the actress yelled. Please utilise your good offices, sir. You must make sure that all of these investigations are conducted. On Tuesday or Wednesday, we will visit your office. so that you would recognise the necessity for justice. We are going to hold a nonviolent protest. We are not come to your office to fight, but rather to let you know that we need justice.

The actress continued by stressing the importance of the nonviolent demonstration and announcing that she will write the governor a letter via her charity. She continued by saying that the letter would be addressed to international organisations to make sure that the probe is carefully handled and adhered to.

“An audio probe is not what we want. When he was alive, we failed. He had to pay the ultimate price for this one. My attorney will send you a letter. I will write to each of you in turn on behalf of my foundation. An announcement will be made by my foundation. On Monday, we will mail the letter to all reputable offices. We are also forwarding it to international organisations. She said, “We parents are bringing the revolution to life.

Ojo emphasised the need for a thorough investigation into Mohbad’s death and called for an autopsy to be carried out immediately.

She added, “An Autopsy is needed, an investigation is seriously needed. Every day I read something about him, I shed tears. No, he cried out, and no one listened to him. His soul needs to rest. #justiceformohbad.”

On September 12, 2023, Mohbad tragically passed suddenly, shocking the entertainment world and the general public with news of his passing. The day after his death, a hurried funeral was held, and since then, disputes have occurred every day.

Prior to his passing, the singer had problems with his old record company, and multiple publicly available videos claim that Naira Marley and his associates harassed him relentlessly.

Since then, the cry for justice for the late artist has become the trending hashtag #justiceformohbad on social media.

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