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Teni wants the following inscription placed on her grave after she goes away.



She feels that having a life that she defines for herself makes her the happiest.

Teniola Apata, a singer from Nigeria, has already decided what she wants engraved on her gravestone.

The singer emphasised during her appearance as a guest on the Tea With Tey podcast that she wants her headstone to bear the inscription “She lived life on her own terms” because that is how she currently views life. Teni emphasised that she plans to live her life the way she wants to since she will pass away carrying her aspirations and hopes with her.

She remarked, “I want them to write on my grave, ‘She lived life on her own terms’; sure, I want to die happy, but I am going to die empty. Many people have greatness within them, but they are too afraid to let it out. I assure you that there are countless hopes and abilities in the cemetery that might have altered the course of history.

She continued by stating that individuals would always have something negative to say about other people, regardless of what they did, to support her ideology. She continued by saying that some people despise her without cause and others criticise her after having benefited from her.

“And you see the fear of what people will say, people will never stop talking, I swear to God,” the singer continued. People I have helped who dislike me and those who will criticise me if you go outside are examples of the people I have done nice deeds for. There will always be someone who dislikes what you do, no matter what you do.

Teni emphasised that everyone dies eventually and that she would make sure to always be true to herself. She continued by emphasising that she is not seeking approval from anyone other than herself.

According to her, “I am not living my life to beg for your acceptance, the most important acceptance is me accepting myself, anything outside of that, I can not help you, I am sorry, I am going to be myself in every way possible.”

She urged people to follow the same idea and pursue their happiness.

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