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CJN to Judges: With the advent of the digital era, we must ensure that national laws are not weakened.



The Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Olukayode Ariwoola, has warned judges to ensure that national laws are not destroyed by the digital era, particularly with the potential and difficulties afforded by technology innovation.

He also urged them to stay diligent in addressing the ethical and legal implications of technology by guaranteeing openness, justice, and the preservation of due process, all of which are critical to preserving public trust and confidence in the judiciary.

Justice Ariwoola made the statement while declaring open a workshop for judges on legal issues in telecommunications organised by the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, with the title “The Adjudication Path In A Digital Era.”

“My Lord’s, the digital revolution brings with it a slew of new challenges and complexities that demand our attention and understanding as judicial officers,” he remarked. In this digital age, we must strike a balance between our rights and our obligations.

“The rise of social media, online platforms, and digital interaction necessitates a comprehensive framework that balances individual rights, societal responsibilities, and, of course, corporate liabilities.”

“Because technology is ever-changing, the regulatory framework must be constantly adapted and improved.” Recognising the transformational character of digital services and the erosion of national legislation is critical for judicial officers.

“In the face of global digital platforms and services, the borderless digital realm has blurred traditional jurisdictional boundaries and posed challenges to the efficacy of national laws.” It is our responsibility as legal advisors to handle these intricacies and guarantee that our national laws are not undermined.

“However, your responsibilities as judicial officers are to remain vigilant in addressing the ethical and legal dimensions associated with these technologies, ensuring transparency, fairness, and the preservation of due process in virtual and augmented reality and environment.”

“As a result, we are essentially aware of digital technologies’ potential health risks and strive to strike a balance between advancing technology and the need to protect our health.”

“The theme of this workshop, ‘The adjudication path in the digital era,’ resonates with the current realities that judicial officers face.”

“Technology has fundamentally altered how we communicate, obtain information, and conduct legal proceedings.” We must embrace this shift while keeping doing justice at the forefront of our efforts.”

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