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Why African youth favour escalating military coups is explained by Obasanjo.



Young people in Africa are enthused about these coups for a reason, according to Obasanjo.

Olusegun Obasanjo, a former president of Nigeria, has provided insight into the causes of African youths’ growing enthusiasm for military coups that are sweeping the continent.

Obasanjo made these comments during a discussion with a group of young Africans connected to the Reverend Chris Oyakhilome-founded platform Africa for Africa Youth Initiative (A4A).

Obasanjo asserted, based on his long experience, that the rise in military takeovers in Africa is a sign that the continent’s youth thirst for liberators.

He stressed that, notwithstanding his own turbulent experience with the late General Sanni Abacha’s government, certain factors have contributed to the growth of military power grabs in several African countries.

Obasanjo, who has held both political and military leadership positions, stated that African youths are thrilled about these coups because they long for liberation. The most recent additions to the list of military takeovers on the African continent since 2020 are Niger and Gabon.

If we do not address the root causes of these coups, they might continue, said Obasanjo. To avoid such occurrences, we must take all necessary precautions.

The former president emphasised that the youth are primarily responsible for supporting these coups, saying, “The coup leader in Gabon was being carried on the shoulders of the youth, not by elderly people like myself. We must be aware that the youth are looking for liberators. Why should we allow people to look for liberators outside of the current regime?

In order to prevent further coups on the continent, Obasanjo urged African leaders to create and preserve authentic democratic values that are infused with God-given qualities. He made a strong speech in which he pushed lawmakers who had held office for a long period to think about retiring, saying, “If you have been in government for 40 years and you are not weary, perhaps it is time to retire.”

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