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With its chart performance, Kabaka’s ‘Abialam’ establishes a Highlife record.



The latest album from Kabaka and His Oriental Brothers International, “Abialam,” reaches at number 24 on the global Apple Music Top 100 Chart.

‘Abialam,’ the most recent album by Kabaka and His Oriental International Brothers, has topped the Apple Music Top 100 chart worldwide at position 50, less than 24 hours after its release, and at position 27 48 hours later. This is a historic achievement for African highlife music.

‘Abialam’ is the first highlife music album from Africa to ever attain this historic milestone thanks to this incredible accomplishment.

The song “Abialam,” which means “I have returned,” is a complex tapestry of traditional and contemporary sounds that perfectly captures the spirit of highlife music while connecting with a huge global audience.

The album’s six songs pay homage to the long history of the highlife genre while also introducing modern aspects that make the music accessible and current.

In addition to dominating the charts, “Abialam” received praise from music journalists who praised the album’s lush instrumentation, nuanced lyrics, and avant-garde sound.

In the African highlife music scene, Kabaka and His Oriental International Brothers have blazed new trails. The band, which is well-known for fusing traditional highlife rhythms with modern music, has won over fans from all over the world and across generations.

‘Abialam’ is available for streaming on all other significant streaming services. The tour dates for Kabaka and His Oriental International Brothers’ exciting comeback will be announced soon.

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