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Bauchi gov signs EO on enforcement of COVID-19 partial lockdown


Bauchi gov signs EO on enforcement of COVID-19 partial lockdown

Bauchi gov signs EO on enforcement of COVID-19 partial lockdown

Bauchi State Governor Bala Mohammed on Tuesday signed the Bauchi State Infectious Disease Prevention and Regulations 2020 backed by State Executive Order 0012050 for the enforcement of the partial lockdown of the State as earlier pronounced by the governor.

Speaking shortly after signing the EO at Government House, Governor Mohammed explained that the order covers the COVID-19 partial lockdown and the State Infectious Disease Prevention Regulations.

The governor, after outlining the penalties for violators of the Executive Order, directed the State’s Chief Judge to, with immediate effect, commence the enforcement of the order.

“This day is very auspicious in my tenure as the governor that we are singing an Executive Order in line with the directive we have given, which is to stop the spread of coronavirus,” the governor stated.

“We are coming with this order because we are always governed by the rule of law, we must clearly set out what we want to achieve, we have done the partial lockdown, we have closed markets partially, we have banned the operations of Achaba, we have restricted the number of persons to be taken in Keke Napep, and we have suspended all public gatherings.

“We are doing it with an absolute sense of responsibility, and we regret any inconveniences this may cause, but we are doing it in order to protect the lives of our citizens in Bauchi State.”

On the breakdown of the penalties for offenders, the governor said those who violate the partial lockdown would pay the sum of N5,0000, while those on essential services must use face masks or pay the same amount.

Prohibited public transport motorcyclists, locally known as ‘Achaba’, are to pay N5,000 if they violate the ban on their operations.

According to him, violators of physical and social distancing, including commercial tricycles operators, locally called Keke Napep, buses, and trucks coming from out of state will be fined N5,000, N10,000, 20,000, and N30,000, respectively.

The governor, who disclosed the arrest of over 100 passengers who came to the state from high-risk states said all the measures are to curb and tackle the spread of the virus in the state.

The State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Barrister Yakubu Bello Kirfi, explained the purpose of the order:

“This law came into being as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. We are all aware of the ravaging effects of the pandemic globally and Bauchi state has taken certain measures in order to address issues affecting lives, health and well being of the citizens of Bauchi State through certain pronouncements by government.

“Consequently, to give flesh to those pronouncements, it is promulgated and produced before the governor to sign an Executive Order which covers the COVID-19 partial lockdown regulations in the State and the Bauchi State Infectious Diseases Prevention Regulation 2020.

“These regulations are based on the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the quarantine law as it is applicable under the Federal Government and the Bauchi State law regarding Public Health under the law on Public Health 1982. Pursuant to that, it becomes very necessary and mandatory for an Executive Order, which will spell out the areas that the government is emphasising on the enforceability of laws as it applies, and covers Bauchi State as a whole. Once signed, the Executive Order becomes enforceable within the whole vicinity of Bauchi State.”

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