Lady narrates how her late father’s kinsmen hijacked his corpse at his burial (Video)

A Nigerian lady, Ijay, has narrated a chilling story of how her late father’s kinsmen hijacked his corpse after a failed third attempt to bury him.

The lady said three graves were dug just to bury her father at three different occasions, revealing that it was because his kinsmen hijacked his corpse.

According to the Twitter user @Ijayy_, her father’s kinsmen refused burying him in his land because it is a “virgin” land.

Writing further, she noted that everything people see in Igbo movies are true and in fact worse, and also advised women to always study the culture of Igbo men they want to marry.

She tweeted;

“Well it’s supposed to be my dad’s burial today. But his own brothers and kinsmen just hijacked his corpse:

It’s literally the third grave that has been dug. Just to bury one man.

For two months I haven’t been able to talk about my dad’s death or grieve because I’ve been busy fighting or quarreling or going for village meetings because of little things that should not matter. Because girls like me should not have opinions about things like this.

Because why would someone with a vagina hold the mortuary tally. Because after my dad’s brothers abandoned his corpse and left it lying there in my living room I took him to the mortuary. Because his wife and children should not have a say when it comes to burial plans or where

He is to be buried. After my recent experiences, I almost wish I wasn’t a woman. Because now my mum, my siblings and my late dad are suffering because of it. Previously, people have asked me why I hate Igbo culture and people, this is why, people who constantly make you feel..

I don’t have words anymore.. Igbo tradition is sick. Being from the same bloodline does not make you family. And all you see in Igbo movies are true, in fact it’s worse actually. I take solace in the fact that that’s not really my dad, just his earthly home/host.

Imagine refusing to bury my father on his own piece of land. Because it’s a virgin land, against his wishes, against his wife & children’s wishes. Imagine the effrontery! Telling people how to use their own property. Hijacking a man’s burial to preserve land that’s not yours
Hopefully the end of this thread. In 2020. I’m actually fine, I promise.

The heart of man is truly wicked, who can know it? Worst part of all of this is they fooled me. They apologized and they begged my mum in the presence of the DPO and Rev. Father and we foolishly forgave them. I let them fool me into releasing the corpse.

They just used me for the parts they could not do. Pretended, made me believe they actually wanted a “peaceful burial” Convinced me to drop legal action, to come back home, to carry his picture around the village and to go ahead with the burial in spite of the police situation.

I feel a fool. Before you marry Igbo men, learn about their cultures, once you marry traditionally you cannot escape them. If you have daughters,I honestly don’t know what to tell you, because lawyers or the police can’t really save them. You have to, make sure you save them

My dad never believed his family hated us, he always tried to unite us. But we always felt the hate, out of 7 sons he was the only one with biological children, 2 girls & a boy. It did not sit right with them and all our lives we’ve had to deal with the utter dislike.
I really hope there’s a God, and he’s listening.”

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